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What Types Of Problems Can A Property Condition Assessment Bring To Light?

When you are looking to buy a home, you traditionally hire a home inspector to inspect the home and determine what condition the home and its various systems, such as the HVAC system and electrical system, are in. When you are looking to purchase a commercial building, it is advised that you hire a property condition assessment consultant to complete a property condition assessment on the building. While they look at many of the same things, including the exterior structure, roof, and the systems, there are a few other areas where they are looking to potentially identify issues. Here are a few of the lesser-known types of problems that a property condition assessment can bring to light. 

ADA Compliance Issues

One of the types of problems that a property condition assessment can bring to light is ADA compliance issues. Unless the building is a historical building, it needs to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. If the building you are considering buying is not compliant, you can be fined or face a lawsuit as soon as you become the owner of the building. Being able to identify issues and have them corrected is important before you take over as the owner. 

System Permit and Inspection Problems

Another type of problem that a property condition assessment can bring to light are system permit and inspection problems. In a commercial building, there are many types of systems that need to be permitted and routinely inspected, including elevators and fire sprinkler systems. If these systems do not have the proper permits in place and/or they have not been recently inspected, the paperwork and inspections need to take place to ensure you can continue using these systems and not face fines for not having the right permits. 

Problems With the Property Site or Grounds

Lastly, a property condition assessment can bring to light any problems with the property site or grounds. While a lot of time will be spent inspecting the building itself, exterior parts of the building, including parking lots, loading docks and ramps will be inspected to ensure these items are safe and structurally sound as well. 

Investing in a property condition assessment ultimately allows you to see what condition the building is in and whether there are any immediate issues that may subject you to a lawsuit or being unable to use a building on how you intend on using the building. Before you purchase a building, contact a property condition assessment consultant to thoroughly go through the property and conduct a full and complete inspection of it.