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How To Find The Right Candidate For Your Firm's New Vacancy

The process of hiring a new employee to fill a vacancy is one that requires a great deal of planning. If you have been put in charge of finding the best person to fill your firm's vacancy, then you are probably looking for guidance on how to locate and screen potential applicants.

Below are a few ideas on how you can go about sourcing and finding the best candidate for the role.

Create A Detailed Job Description

The first thing you will want to do is create a detailed job description. Without a proper job description, people will not know exactly what it is the job entails. This can result in people who are not qualified applying for the job. So, what you should do is speak with the different managers and sit down and draft a comprehensive job description. This JD (this is shorthand used by hiring managers) will cover not only the duties but also cover the qualifications for the role.

Post The Job On Your Careers Page And On Job Posting Boards

Once you're drafted up the job description and reviewed it with the different key members of your firm, the next step is to post it online. You should definitely post the job on your company's career page.

In addition to your company webpage, you should also consider looking into job posting boards. These are great because they are a central database of job postings, and many job seekers use them as the primary source of finding new employment.

This is why an accurate job description is so important. You can log on to the job sites, upload the job description, and wait for resumes to come pouring in.

Utilize The Service Of A Staffing Agency

Finally, you might want to consider using a staffing agency. The benefit of using a staffing agency is that you will have recruiters working for you and sourcing resumes that fit the profile that you are looking for.

The staffing agency will have experience searching for candidates and also screening them. This last part is very important. The amount of time spent screening and interviewing potential candidates can be exhausting.

So, it's great if you can outsource this to a staffing agency. Also, the staffing agency might be able to provide your firm with a candidate who is able to start on a temp-to-hire basis. This way you can evaluate their performance and determine if they are a good employee before offering them a full-time position.