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What A Resume Writing Services Provider Needs From You

Resume writing services can make a huge difference for anyone who is looking for a job or shooting for a promotion. The process involves more than just asking a resume writing professional to do the job. They'll need the following five things from you to produce a top-quality resume.

Names, Dates, Titles, and Job Descriptions

It's a good idea to list at least the last four jobs you've had on a resume. Likewise, you should include relevant information about your previous employers, including the names of the companies and your bosses. It's also a good idea to provide your title and a one- or two-sentence description of what you did at the job.

Don't feel intimidated if you've had a limited work history. A resume writer may elect to include work-like experience, such as anything you volunteered to do. Internships also fit in this space.

The Industry of Your Target Job

If you're trying to obtain a job in a specific industry, it's a good idea to let the resume writing services provider know this. Many industries use particular formats for resumes. This knowledge can give the writer a leg up on how to format the resume for whoever will be reading it.


Try to find at least two people who've know you for at least a couple of years. They should be able to speak to your character. Former bosses are fine for references, as are community or spiritual leaders. Teachers, instructors, or professors also make good references. Generally, try to avoid listing people who are family members or predominantly friends.

Ask anyone you're listing as a reference for their permission before you add them to a resume. No one wants to get an inquiry out of the blue asking for information about a person.

Personal Interests

It's worth listing a small number of personal interests. That's especially the case if an interest is at least tangential to the job. For example, it's common for software companies to hire chess players because the analytical skills from the game tend to translate to the work.

Don't fib about interests to pad your resume. You might be asked about your interests, and lying can undo a lot of success in no time.

Education, Certifications, and Awards

Younger people will usually focus on their educational backgrounds. People who've had time to accumulate certifications and awards, though, may want to focus more on those as career milestones.