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Five Small Lifestyle Changes That Can Bring Greater Happiness

Do you wish you were happier? Many people do. You may think that happiness is impossible or that you have to completely overhaul your life in order to be happy -- but this is rarely the case. In fact, making a few small changes to your lifestyle could bring you the happiness you are seeking.

1. Start the day by reading something positive.

Often, the feelings you experience at the beginning of the day carry on throughout the day. So, if you start off your day feeling positive, those positive feelings will carry on. Buy a few books that make you feel good, or find an uplifting blog that you enjoy reading. Spend a few minutes reading, first thing in the morning, immediately upon waking. 

2. Get rid of toxic friends.

The people you surround yourself with have a profound impact on your feelings. If you are spending time with toxic people, of course you are going to feel bad! Spend less time with these negative people, or cut them out of your life completely. Without them around to erode your happiness, you will feel a lot happier.

3. Use social media less often.

Social media tends to present a distorted version of reality. Everyone posts about their best experiences, so you never see the bad sides. This can make you feel as though everyone has a better life than your own. If you start limiting your social media use to just 15 minutes per day or even cutting out social media completely, you will probably find that your happiness grows.

4. Take 20 minutes for yourself.

Chances are, you have other people in your life who demand a lot of your time and attention. Caring for others is not a bad thing -- but spending all of your time focusing on others can sap your happiness. Dedicate yourself to spending 20 minutes a day just on yourself. You can do a quick workout, meditate, enjoy a relaxing bath, or do whatever you desire that day.

5. Get more sleep.

Sleep has a profound impact on your mood! One bad night's sleep can leave you unhappy for days. Try setting an alarm each evening for the same time. Go to bed then -- that's your new bedtime. Make sleep a priority rather than sitting up late, watching television or reading.

Start with these lifestyle changes, and see how much happier you become. If you struggle to make changes, you may want to seek assistance from a lifestyle makeover coach.

To learn more, contact a positive intelligence coach.