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Top Four Frequently Asked Questions Before Starting Suboxone Treatment

Battling with opiate addiction is not something you have to do alone, despite how you are feeling. Recovery is difficult, but functional medicine is designed to assist. Suboxone is available by prescription and consultation, and often used in combination of group and solo therapy. The following are the top four frequently asked questions consultants hear regarding suboxone treatment appointments.

Are Appointments Kept Confidential?

One of the top priorities of any consultant is to keep everything private, including your involvement in a treatment program. Federal guidelines also protect every individual seeking help. The goal of a rehab situation is to help you return to everyday life without using drugs. Therefore, family, friends, and places of employment will not be notified about your involvement in any program. It is often recommended that you confide in people you trust to provide yourself with a solid support network as you recover.

What Should I Expect at the First Visit?

The scariest step in recovery is the first step, which is making and attending your first appointment. You will want to plan on spending close to an hour during this consultation. It is very similar to a regular doctor visit, with a waiting room, check-in process, and vitals taken at the start. Most people will spend about a half-hour with the provider, where they will learn the options for treatment plans.

How Often Are Appointments?

For any treatment program to succeed, you need to create a routine. This will begin with regularly scheduled appointments. In the beginning, you will need to visit with your consultant every week to ensure the medication is working correctly. However, after you are stabilized, appointments are moved to a monthly basis. It is essential for your success that you are open and honest with how you are feeling. Consultants tailor rehab programs based on the specific needs of each individual.

Will I Need to be in Withdrawal Before Starting Suboxone?

It is recommended that you start withdrawing from opiates before starting suboxone. Part of overcoming addiction is extending the length of time needed between dosages of the substance you are addicted to. Therefore, you will want to start experiencing feelings of withdrawal. You should be prepared and able to document what triggers you, when you start battling cravings, and what symptoms you are experiencing between dosages. Finally, your consultant relies on your honesty to help you overcome your addiction to all drugs you have become reliant on.

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